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The Braver Angels Podcast

Apr 2, 2022

Coleman Hughes has made a name for himself as a public commentator. A contributor at City Journal, Quillette, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times among others, he’s been celebrated for his sober analysis of American race relations. He’s also… a rapper.

Today, he joins Braver Angels music ambassador Alma Cook to talk about his artistic past, present, and future. Learn where the inspiration for his new “Blasphemy” music video came from, how a youth drum corps eventually led him to Julliard, and whether it’s stressful to split his time between music and writing.

Find Coleman's music under the artist name COLDXMAN on Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Watch the new “Straight As” video here: 

Twitter: @braverangels, @coldxman, @HearAlma