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The Braver Angels Podcast

Feb 4, 2022

Plagued by pandemics of fear and distrust, many of us have come to hold some scary ideas about different people and places across our country. But what’s the reality? 

Daniel Seddiqui has seen more of America than almost anyone. After working 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks in 2009—from coal miner in West Virginia to bartender in Louisiana—he has since completed three more treks across the country in an attempt to better understand our nation and its people, stitching our country together in his own experience at a time when so much seems to be pulling us apart. 

Just this week, he completed a year-long trip to America’s 65 most populous cities to craft mementos that represent their cultures. Curiosity fueled him, but as he shares with Mónica, fear of the unfamiliar constantly challenged him. What has he seen that can help the rest of us see ourselves better? Tune is as he shares stories from his adventures and lessons that have changed his life.

Learn more about Daniel's cross-country adventures: 

Twitter: @braverangels, @moniguzman, @DanielSeddiqui