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The Braver Angels Podcast

Sep 17, 2021

Ready to take on the COVID-19 divide? In this special roundtable edition of our podcast, two red and two blue Braver Angels leaders tackle big questions about vaccines and vaccine mandates. How do the left and right help and hurt America’s struggle against the pandemic? Are President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates tough love or bad medicine? Featuring John Wood, Jr. (national ambassador), Alma Cook (music ambassador), Ciaran O’Connor (CMO), and Mónica Guzmán (director of digital and storytelling).

Also in this episode: John Wood, Jr. lays out his vision for the upcoming launch of the John Wood, Jr. Show, Alma explains the “Lindy Effect,” Mónica dishes on why her cooking no longer sucks, and Ciaran shares a message for Nikki Minaj. 

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