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The Braver Angels Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

Not only does political polarization breed fear, anger, and mistrust—it also breeds a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. 

How can we take action? Not only to make our voices heard but to work together with our political opponents to improve our communities and perfect our union?

Braver Angels alliances are where the meat of our work takes place—where ordinary reds and blues across the country come together to actually do the work of democracy, find common values, transcend our egos, and drive change on the ground.

In this episode of the Braver Angels Podcast, host Ciaran O'Connor hosts a wide-ranging conversation with Steve Saltwick and Lynn Heady, the red and blue co-directors of Braver Angels' national field operations, explaining the nature and structure of alliances, how to get involved, and some inspiring examples of alliances in action.

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Twitter: @braverangels, @ciaranjoconnor